Spring in October

It’s been a spring like day and I really enjoyed it.  I had lots of errands in Calais and Sandra was able to go with me. We enjoyed a great Chinese buffet (sorry Jeannie B 😦   you’d have loved it) and later an ice cream sundae.  We both got all our errands done and I was home in time to clean the goat pens.  After three days of diminished energy it came back!

All the goats have been bred in the last three days…thank you Halifax!  And if they settle we should have some St Paddy’s babies or there abouts!  He has been such a terrific guy, our Mister Halifax.  Today after I brought the girls to their pen I let him out to see if he would go into his own pen.  Instead he wandered over to visit with DH who was stripping the bark off the fence poles.  When I got there I told him he needed to go and eat and put on his leash and walked him down to his pen.  As I said, “What a guy!”

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