Dolls and Doctor Visit

The wet and dreary morning was filled with doll making.  Having an audio story helps me keep a good pace and not wander off to housekeeping duties. These two will have their facial features and their hair in place today at the very least.

I had to leave them to go has a Doctor’s appointment in the afternoon.  All is well.  The weight is still going down but only 1 and 1/2 this month.  His advice, “Be careful.  Don’t break anything.”
“Okay, Doc!”

I had a couple of ‘scripts to refill so I had to go into Calais and do that. With the afternoon light gone it was brutal to drive home in the rain with the defroster hardly working and glaring headlights.  Thankfully DH had gotten home before me and had the fire going and the outside lights on to welcome me home!

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