No Rain

The last three or four days of dreary weather have been depressing.  Even the goats disliked being kept inside.  Everything is saturated with water and the post holes awaiting posts are full of water!  I was delighted to wake up to no rain and no wind.  The wind has been seeping in every crack and crevice in the house.  In a way that has been helpful to find and fix the air leaks.  But it has also made for a cold sewing room and a general feeling of being cold as I listened to the howl.

One more doll to finish today(he needs clothes) and then a break.  I want and need to do some work outside. The goats need to get outdoors.  The goat pen needs a thorough cleaning and all the doors need to be opened for the day to air everything out in the garage.  I want to cleanup next to the barn where the new exercise area is going and also pick up some of the cut up fire wood in that area.

Fresh air and sunshine will invigorate the body and soul.

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