Comfort and Joy

We did some serious shopping today.

I have been sleeping poorly for quite a while and we have engaged in a number of strategies to overcome this issue.  I cannot seem to get comfortable and my body fights relaxation. My joints, harmed by the meds given when I was “without diagnosis” and specialists were grasping for answers, are always screaming at me especially when I slow down and try to rest or sleep. I guess they(the joints) see inactivity as their time to shine.

Meds help…sometimes (not without side effects).

Advil helps.

Heat helps.

A glass of wine with supper helps.

Now we are trying a new bed.  The one we are sleeping on we bought for Zach back in his bachelor days. It feels stiff and uncomfortable.  With this being a time of doll sales we took the profit from a few and purchased this new bed, today.

I’ll  know better in the morning if it has helped at all.  Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Comfort and Joy

  1. Memory foam? We got a memory foam liner cause it’s cheaper than the memory bed. It’s really nice. Or the dial-a-bed? I have gotten fussy about what I sleep on, too, and I don’t have meds to blame for my joints … just overweight! Good luck with your new bed.

    • It has a buit-in memory foam top (like a pillow top.) I have lost so much weight my joints have no padding and I didn’t have any excess weight to begin with. I have on order a wool topper as well for more cushioning.
      Anything for a good night’s sleep!

      • Hmm … a wool topper? I had a wool mattress pad and it got packed down and made sleeping even worse. If you want a topper, I would suggest maybe another memory foam topper ….

        Good luck which ever way you go…

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