52 Week Challenge

I am part of the 52 week challenge over at Fabric Fascination.  Last week I put in an early project “finish” but today it officially starts. I joined because having a weekly deadline motivates me.

Since I often do too much and then not enough (laughing loudly at my foolishness), I benefit from this type of challenge/routine.  I have a goal of making a doll each week so this entry is my first of 2011.  I am working to perfect my craft and a ‘week in week’ out helps take the straying  out of the process.

Liesl is a sweet, sweet doll.  She came together well and pleases me.  Her willingness to hold still for her photograph made me smile because I knew she would rather be running and jumping!

You can find her in my Etsy shop.

One thought on “52 Week Challenge

  1. Liesl is adorable. You made me chuckle with your comment about doing too much and then too little. I am the same way.

    I am really looking forward to seeing a new doll each week. What a treat!

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