Deadlines Help!


Rosalie 004, originally uploaded by mabeane6.

Here is Rosalie the second doll of the 52 week challenge I am involved in. Knowing that Wednesday was the deadline to get this posted helped propel her forward.
It also prompted a late afternoon trip to Calais with Sandra to purchase needed fabric for her pantaloons.
Because Calais is 40 minutes away one way we also did other shopping and had a supper out! I didn’t want to wait and see if the storm would make the roads dangerous for travel. Yesterday they were bare and dry.
She is no help as far as fabric goes!!! She keeps finding wonderful pieces in beautiful colors making it hard to hold back! DH is the same way!
On the way out we stopped at Subway and had a scrumptious supper.

This morning she got her sweet pantaloons.

She is for sale on my Etsy site.

3 thoughts on “Deadlines Help!

  1. She is very cute!

    I like that the deadline is helping you. It is working well for me too.

    And we are getting the winter storm too. It is coming down gently, but steadily. Up to about 16 inches I would say so far.

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