What is Real Work?

Our culture today views work in such a convoluted way.  Unless there is a time frame..9 to 5 or 11 to 7  and it produces income no matter how big or small and is away from the home it isn’t viewed as work. Young mothers work VERY hard but there seems to be little value given to their work. I spent my early years raising my six kids.(It was a full time job).

Homemakers with or without kids work hard, making meals, cleaning up messes, laundry, keeping the bills paid and endless other tasks that someone has to do.

Now I am a doll maker.

I work at home.  I love what I do and it brings in a little bit of money. It is still work and at the end of the day I am tired.  I would do it even if I didn’t make any money because it is such fulfilling work.  Each day I am excited to get into the sewing room and try out new ideas.

How we spend our lives is a choice. In my retirement years this is a choice I have made.  I am happy to be able to make that choice. I am thrilled to have a supportive husband and family.

One thought on “What is Real Work?

  1. Work is work, no matter whether or not you get paid! I sit for hours at my computer, editing and putting together newsletters for two organizations … don’t get paid (wish I did) but Norm figures I’m working then, and doesn’t say “you’re spending too much time on the computer!” at that time. I also figure weaving is work. I don’t sell anything (sigh) but I do have gifts for people and Norm accepts that as work, as well. A mother at home (been there, done that) works harder than a woman at an office. I agree with you totally! Rock on, woman!

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