52 Week Challenge Week #3

This challenge has kept me focussed. This week has been the kind of week where there have been many distractions and many other things to attend to.  I have a gal coming in tomorrow for an interview. That means the sewing room  should be in order. This is a task I have sorely needed to do and husband promise to move anything I couldn’t move and remove his stuff still stored there. I also realized I had too many of the same items…scissors (who needs 15 pairs strewn about). I sorted and stored extras. I did the same with threads and needles and anything else extra.  It was a freeing experience but it was also very time-consuming.

Monday morning is my morning to start my weekly doll.  Monday morning was also MLK day holiday and DH was home celebrating his ” day before birthday ” birthday.  I was in and out of the sewing working on my doll and visiting with him while making a special lunch.

Tuesday the actual birthday he went off to work but that didn’t stop the phone calls which came in fast and furious. I got some work done on #3 and also make the birthday cake of choice…carrot cake!

Doll #3 came together nicely and George was finished.

He is posted at my Etsy shop. He has lovely brown eyes and mixed sandy hair with what I’d call a messy cut.

Welcome to the world, George!

2 thoughts on “52 Week Challenge Week #3

  1. What a handsome lad.

    It sounds like your week was as hectic as mine. How great to get your room organized. Mine badly needs some pruning.

    Happy Birthday to your husband.

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