Charging Issues…AGAIN!

I bought a new Acer laptop  computer last September because my old computer would not charge and the computer fixer store person wasn’t sure he could get it running.  After purchasing the new one he told me the old one just needed a new charger. I had him purchase one and brought the old computer (then running) home as a spare.  Where we live access to parts is not easy.

About three weeks ago my new computer stopped charging. It looked like I had crushed the cord so I started to look for a replacement. My son said to just try old computer’s new cord in the new computer. Voila! That worked. Last night nothing would charge, neither old nor new…argh.  In rural Maine the computer is a lifeline.

DH quickly went online this morning on his trusty ever running Mac and ordered me a new charger. It will arrive late next week. My brain started spinning. I tried every old power cord that was tucked away in this house.  Nothing worked.  Then I remember my neighbor Robin (bless you) had a new computer and had set aside her Acer. She willingly loaned me her power cord and as you see me here it is working.

I KNOW I had a life before computers but I have some many friends and relatives that I connect with here and some many things I read and check out that I have felt lost and isolated. Who says this is only a plastic box with parts!

On the plus side, besides a running, connecting computer, the sun is shining, the dooryard is being plowed and it is 8 degrees.

2 thoughts on “Charging Issues…AGAIN!

  1. My computer is a life-line, too. I wouldn’t “talk” to as many people if I only had phone or snail mail. I even email my sister rather than talk to her, most of the time! And even my girls are communicated with on-line more than on phone.

    • I “hear” you Connie. I got so cranky last night my husband was just a wondering how he was ever going to solve my problem.
      I don’t get any newspapers because I use the net and , of course, I ask it a lot of questions in addition to everything else I do with it.

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