Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes

The new 2011 dolls all have knees, elbows as well.  Why?  Just an added touch I thought I would try.  They look rather cute, I think!

This morning was another cold one and I was glad to have a toasty warm wood stove to chase the chill away. I am glad it is going to warm up even though another storm is in the works. This bitter cold is debilitating.




My goats don’t seem to mind and were glad to be outside this morning after a day of being kept inside.  I used the food processor to chop up all the peels left from the orange juice making. I added some warm water (the pulp was rather dry) and they scarfed it all down!

One thought on “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes

  1. I like the knees and elbows .. they look cute. It’s interesting that the goats like chopped up orange peels! Never thought of that (of course I don’t have goats but if I DID, I would never have thought of that). How about the new baby? Not arrived yet, I’m guessing, as you haven’t mentioned it, yet. Momma must need a skateboard to get around!

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