Goats on a cold morning


Goats on a cold morning, originally uploaded by mabeane6.

Six weeks from tomorrow we start the kid watch for Misty, Molly and Abby.
Molly and Abby are first fresheners and I have been watching for their udder development. Yesterday I saw that both had small but noticeable udders started….yippee. Until now I wasn’t certain we had had a breeding for them. Molly clearly is carrying kids but Abby just has a small baby bump. She is however, a tiny goat to begin with.
Misty has looked pregnant for quite a while and has large baby bumps on both sides. She is a 2nd freshener and has done this before. She was bred on the ride home (Oct 21st) and again when we got here.
Iris stood for Halifax as well on the day he arrived but I sure hope she doesn’t have to go another six weeks.
Today she is standing with her head inside and her butt end to the sun! She looks so uncomfortable…she stood for our buck Romeo on Sept 6 so maybe she’ll let those kids out this weekend.

One thought on “Goats on a cold morning

  1. Left bump is rumen. Right bump is kid(s). Lambing season started for us today with a fine set of twin males. One ewe done, 33 more to go.

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