Weight Training

My doctor wanted me to do some weight training exercises.  I have sadly failed. However, I am wondering if I can count any of the wood hauling…I helped with three loads as exercise. And just maybe the twice a day bucket carrying, actually four buckets…two full of warm water and two full of ice could be considered weight training, sort of.

I will continue to do this even if it doesn’t “count”. My goats deserve to have their water needs met.

Here they are eating citrus. We always cut up the orange peels for them after we have made juice. They love it!

3 thoughts on “Weight Training

  1. Of COURSE that is weight training! Norm got the snowblower / tractor from the Farm and opened up the path to the barn. I am able to go out there, now, as the temperatures are mild enough and I can walk without falling down in deep snow. It was great to see everyone again. I am fortunate, though … we have a heat tape on the hydrant that is in the barn so I don’t have to haul water. You should consider that this spring …. makes it easier for you.

    • I miss the teens that are now in college that always helped with the wood. The water isn’t really an issue as they need warm water twice a day. I am glad that they are small goats so I don’t need to bring any more than two buckets.
      We are getting excited…five weeks (or less) to go! Both Paul and I love baby goats!

  2. Isn’t it great when exercise is part of something bigger like this. I like to walk especially when I have a destination.

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