More Snow!

After a couple of warm, teasing days…40s , the snow is back. First there were huge flakes in dispersed with sunshine. Now it is gray and smaller flakes are coming down.  Spring cannot come soon enough for me! We have 23 to 28 days to wait for our goat babies and that will be a great adventure.

Our old bones are complaining about this “hard” winter and looking at moving to a warmer place.  With husband’s retirement in place it would mean we could sell and relocate in the next year or so. A small homestead, a longer growing season, shorter cold season, lower cost of living all are part of the formula.

Mr. Halifax was loose this morning and he, too, wants the snow to go away!


4 thoughts on “More Snow!

  1. Yup, more snow here, today. And it will probably hit you later this week. I agree about moving somewhere warmer, but I’m stuck with my sister, niece and two daughters close by. I would be miserable anywhere without family close.

    Stay warm, stay safe! And you might as well let Mr. Halifax wander as long as he can get back home!

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