March Madness

We have had rain and warm temps and the deep snow has quickly receded.  The dooryard is free of the scary ice patches and the water is no longer going into the garage. DH cleaned out the wet kidding pen and raked hay off the snow to allow melting. He also shorten the fenceline next to the goat porch.   The sun is shining and the temps are heading upwards. All in all it should be a “melty” day.

Misty is being patient with her waiting time. She is at 143 days today.  She has gotten bigger in the last two days and is more barrel shaped.

Molly acts like a teen that is pregnant…still running and jumping around. Abby is the picture of goat femininity with her sleek body and well proportioned udder.

And Iris, well she’s  just skinny.  She seems to be doing much better today and has been outside a couple of times.

I walked over the snow bank to check the raised beds and low and behold I saw spinach!  I had planted some last fall but it never got any size.  Looks like it might this year!

One thought on “March Madness

  1. Isn’t it great that the snow is finally melting. My garden is not uncovered yet though. How exciting to find spinach growing already.

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