Calm before the Storm

It has gotten up to 54 degrees here today…a beautiful spring day.  Sandra and I took a quick trip to Calais to pick up meds that the doctor hadn’t called in yesterday,as well as dish washing soap ( a must if your DH is so willing to fill and empty the dishwasher) and Advil to fight the colds we both have!  Upon our return we had coffee and then took a walk. We were chatting so much I never noticed how far we had gone until she said, “We need to head back!”  I am  blessed that my body is recovering so well from the 14 month illness last year.

Then we just sat on the bench in the goat area and enjoyed the small kids so full of energy jumping and running about.  After she left I turned to the fruit I had purchased to make another large fruit bowl.  Shanna brought fruit for the weekend and we found we enjoyed it so much that it disappeared very quickly. DH took servings in his lunch box and I ate here at home.  I cut up pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries and grapes. The large bowl soon was filled with wonderful fruit just ready to eat.

I mucked the wettest park of the goat pen and watched Zoe for a bit. She is acting “off” and I am wondering if she is working toward kidding. That would make sense since we are expecting a major storm tomorrow and hey, why not kid on the worst day of the year!

I was able to hang the wash out in the sunshine and catch the free and exotic smells from the fresh air of spring.

Still ahead is milking and supper and cleanup but today has been the kind of day that makes me smile inside and out!

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