Because… A to Z Challenge

Because I didn’t die my husband offered to give me anything I wanted. Little did he know!

Let me backtrack, from February 2009 when I first got sick until the end of April 2010 I had respiratory issues that all the doctors I saw couldn’t help me with.  I could not breath and seemed to react to many, many airborne substances. Finally at the end of April I found a sweet, practical and pragmatic doctor who helped get well and over time all the issues ( except those related to aging, haha) disappeared. In May the husband finally had relief from anxiety as I began to get better.

He was delighted and offered to get me anything I wanted!

I wanted miniature goats..Nigerian Dwarfs to be exact.  They are a small dairy goat easy for children and elders to handle, sweet dispositions and wonderfully sweet milk.  They also were far less expensive to house and feed. I had had a large herd af standard size goats in the past from mixed grades to purebred Nubians , Oberhalsis and Boers . I knew I enjoyed goats.  I had no idea what an enriching experience this would be!

“Go for it” he said.  And I did.

I purchased my first small herd on May 16th.   When the “bred” doe didn’t kid the end of June my daughter bought me a baby doeling and I was able to purchase her  sister at half price. Summer went into fall and we enjoy all the care and antics of my herd and hoped for good breedings for winter to spring babies.

As the milk dwindled I started look for another milker in late September. I was able to negotiate a deal for a doe and buck that came home on Oct 21st.  Because my first buck had horns and had been encouraged to butt I didn’t really like being near him. He had appeared to breed a couple of does but they keep coming back into heat. However the new guy was different…docile, hornfree, potent. he bred the doe we bought on the ride home!  I moved the horned buck on and we settled in for the winter.

In March Halifax’s potency showed itself in bouncing little baby goats.  It’s the frosting on the cake. I love it.  All this because I didn’t die!  It is a good reason to be alive for sure!

10 thoughts on “Because… A to Z Challenge

  1. First off let me say that I am glad you got the help you needed. Todays doctors are to busy today to actually look at you. I find that the computer has replaced their humanity. Now I have to say it, Goats? I worked in an outside museum for awhile and we had goats. They were the meanest creatures I have ever encountered. We used to fight over who got to NOT go into feeding them. They were smart too and escaped all the time so that they could run after and terrorize the touists. LOLOLOL! Sorry but I do not have good goat memories.

  2. I’m so glad you recovered from your illness and that you’re able to enjoy your life now.
    OHHHHH, baby goats are PRECIOUS!
    I’m happy to have discovered you through the A to Z challenge.

  3. You can tell how much you love your goats by all the photos you put up of them. Raising them seems to be pretty rewarding for you.

    Contrary to my usual practice of subscribing to comments, to save time during challenge I will not be doing so during April. If you want to respond to my comment , please email me directly from your email notification for the comment.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  4. Congrats on your recovery. I too have had a rather rough year healthwise and am now recovering from a broken knee, one of many parts not working too well. Those goats are adorable. Each day must be wonderful with them. I love animals. I will be following your A-Z challenges along the way. Keep on keepin on.

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