Familiar A to Z challenge

The older I get the more my comfort zone lies in all things familiar.

I hear it over and over for older folks, “Ah, my bed.  It was so nice to be in my own bed!”  I surely can identify with that!  I love the comfort and security of my bed.  It has the pillows that feel just right.  it has the wonderful warm wool mattress cover to cradle and warm my thinning body.  It has just the right amount of covers and the right weight, too.

And then there’s my kitchen.  Everything I need to cook is there. I have the tools that work for me. I am familiar with how they work and the creation of a meal has become easier because of this familiarity that has grown over time.   I grind my own wheat in a Whisper Mill. The sound of those berries being crushed into warm wheat flour is familiar and fills me with anticipation of the future bread. The familiar smell of crushed wheat berries, almost erotic, is there as well.

The handling of flour, turned dough and finally appearing as warm, sweet-smelling, incredible tasting bread is another part of the familiar.

The  heat from the wood stove made ready before I get up filling the room with warmth. My waiting coffee…what a guy! This , too, breathes out familiar to me.

My sneakers….that fit! And are comfortable and….familiar. Put on for the walk down the country road where we wave to neighbors all familiar to us.

In my earlier days I sought adventure and travel and change…not now. Keep it simple and keep it familiar!

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