Hannah, Haley and Harper A to Z Challenge

My first triplet goats born here at the farm on March 15th were named with “H” names.  What an exciting morning that was.  I had stayed up and gone out to the kidding pen every half hour until a little after three AM.  She was panting but no other signs of impeding birth.  At 5 AM I heard a high pitched cry over the baby monitor that connects the house to the goat pens. I jumped up and said, “Goat baby!” When I got out there there were three all cleaned up by Mama goat and looking for milk. It was a very cold morning and we didn’t yet have a heat lamp.  I dried them with a cool hairdryer and helped them find the milk source and then call my friend. When she arrived two we still shivering so we took them in the house and stuffed them inside the bib part of our ski pants (yup it was that cold.  We both walked around the house rubbing these two and telling them to warm up. After an hour we took them back to Mama and Haley who was the biggest and the warmest. My neighbor brought a heat lamp for me to put up and they survived the day and the night. Mama had been a wonderful mama and they have thrived and grown into fat little kidlings! What a pleasure to watch the run and play . This morning they made a pile and rested in the sun.

5 thoughts on “Hannah, Haley and Harper A to Z Challenge

  1. I want goats! argggh! Ah well, my guy draws the line at goats on our suburban farm…er…house. We will be getting a flock of chickens in a month – day olds to replace a flock that got too old. I also love your dolls and have made dolls over the years myself. Perhaps it is because my name is Jan…are you having my life???

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