Trying to balance family issues and farm issues and fatigue has taken a toll on me. My doll business has slowed way done as I am not producing anything and haven”t for at least two weeks. The family issues will take time and the sadness from those issues will eventually dissipate, I hope.  The farm is going well but this is the busiest time of the year so it is taking a lot of time. Friday Sandra and I went for hay. Saturday DH and I cleaned the goat pens (he did a good chunk of the work).  Today we had to disbud and it didn’t go as easily as the first four. Fatigue…well, I live with that.

I have put three goats up for sale and am getting ready to call about the sale of a fourth. That will ease up the barn chores and meet my goal of keeping the herd small. The temptation is to look at all the cuties and keep them all.

Halifax (he makes lovely babies), Misty and Abby will remain as well as two to three doelings.

Misty is both a wonderful mother and an easy milker.

Abby has provided our milk for the last four weeks and although not plentiful it is both sweet and enough.  She will be rebred for winter milk and to see what her second freshening looks like.

Misty’s girls are friendly and easy to manage. They should be good milkers so they will be bred for next Spring. And if I keep Kali, Zoe’s girl she will be bred for May or June next year.

Nothing would work here at all if it weren’t for this wonderful guy and all his support!

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