Owl …A to Z Challenge

My husband has been watching some wild ducks cavorting in the lower pond. He never see the Missus come in but sees the Mr land with a great splash and a flapping of wings. he seems to putting on a good show for a certain young lady.  Eventually she comes out and they swim around together. Spring is in the air.

Today when he was using his binoculars to get a better look at the activity he spotted an owl in the tree above them.  It has been a while since we have seen an owl.  We are speculating that the eggs that will hatch will be a source of food for him.  He sat swiveling only his head with the rest of his body quite still. When DH went for his camera the owl spread  his majestic wings and went into the forest beyond the pond.

I suspect he ‘ll return.  Perhaps Papa duck will convince the Missus to move to another place that is safer.

One thought on “Owl …A to Z Challenge

  1. Or, perhaps you could convince Mr. Hu (the Owl) to come pay your northeastern neighbors a visit.
    There are voles enough to keep 3 cats busy for days.
    Poor things come in exhausted each night, trying to catch them all. It would certainly be a nice smorgasbord for Mr. Hu….but he has to promise to leave our chickens alone.

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