Scrumptious A to Z Challenge

By now, anyone who reads my blog knows I keep miniature goats.  They keep us entertained with their antics and their kids are a wonder to behold. 

This week I have embarked on the next adventure with these goats of mine. I have tiptoed into the world of cheese making. I made my first batch of soft cheese two days ago and we put it on crackers to taste. Wow. Scrumptious!

Today I made another batch varying the additions a bit. Another scrumptious spread.

I think I am hooked. Bring on the milk!

4 thoughts on “Scrumptious A to Z Challenge

  1. I had goats before I got into cows. My mom did NOT approve of my life-style (a farmer … not even a “farmer’s wife”) but she sure liked the soft cheeses I made .. especially neufchatel! I still have the recipes if you need any … and I made a heck of a great mozzarella … and still have THAT recipe! Enjoy your cheeses … it makes having “homemade” milk all that much more fun!

  2. I so enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading your posts about the goats. My aunt used to raise goats and they were such a joy to her. I can see that you feel the same way about them. I wish you the best with your herd.

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