For some reason or other the goat herd became rambunctious in the early evening.  They raced around, big and small. They head butted each other. They pushed and shoved. Some of the kids have enjoyed leaping onto the top of the dog igloo we have for them. Tonight, however, Mama goat, got up there.

Undaunted her two kids attempted to join her. Of course there was no room. It didn’t matter to them. They continued to leap anyway. Tumbling over sideways and backwards didn’t faze them. Mama finally gave way and jump down leaving the rounded dome to her two youngsters.

One thought on “Undaunted

  1. I am glad I bumped into your blog!
    What lovely dolls- we have a beautiful hand made doll we bought from Magic Cabin but these look just as lovely!
    And we love goats!!!

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