Getting the husband to eat enough veggies is a challenge.  He will eat some but usually leaves some on his plate. He does better if I jazz them up some.  Tonight I made “bunny salad”.  It had carrots, apples and celery as well as raisins, walnuts and a yogurt dressing.  It was a good way to serve veggies

5 thoughts on “Veggies

  1. Hi,
    I used the word vegetables too!
    My husband is on a special diet (mostly veg and fruit) but he is not overly fond of veggies either.
    I love ’em!
    We are leaving Singapore in May and really not a moment too soon. We did not enjoy it much.

    Thanks for the post and blessings!

  2. Thanks for finding me! And for commenting on my blog. I read through some of your posts and it looks like we have quite a few things in common except you live in Maine and I live in Texas. I’m already eating beets, chard, lettuce, etc out of my raised bed garden. My daughter raises goats and started making cheese last year. (YUM!)

    Anyway, I’ll be back to see what you’re up to! So nice to meet you, too!

  3. Sis – I would suggest the candlelight dinner approach if you’re trying to serve the old guy something unpleasant. How would he know in limited light?

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