After working a good part of the day in the rain yesterday (we put up the buck fence extention and opened the end of the greenhouse for the buck’s summer quarters so we can clean his winter place)we decided to take an outing today.

The rain did not stop but the trip to Calais and lunch out were just what the doctor ordered. A rest and a change that we both needed. We both had tired and achy bodies  The lunch we had was delicious and we had it at our neighbor’s pizza place right in front of Marden’s.   Paul got what he needed from Marden’s and encouraged me to get a shirt I was looking at as well. After lunch we headed over to Wally World and got the things we needed there. (Although I couldn’t find the cheesemaking thermometer I wanted). On the trip home paul stopped a the greenhouse and purchased a hanging plant,”another early birthday gift,” he said. I am a fortunate wife, indeed.

Rain all week will mean some dolls will get made as the lure to plant and weed and do outside work is limited.

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