Cold and Rainy/ I’ve Kept Busy

Today was one of those days. It was really too cold and wet to be outside and the wood stove was keeping it cozy inside. Most of my day was consumed with doll making. I wanted to finish Laci since she had been on the work bench for days.  I had some lavender print material that I just loved and thought it would make a sweet summer blouse for her. It took most of the day but she is done.(And I am tired!)

I also wanted to get a sour cream coffee cake made. Since my friend brought me some pecans I pulled it together and made it. It is yummy. 

The goats spent the none rainy part of the day enjoying the big spool. That has been a wonderful goat toy.


One thought on “Cold and Rainy/ I’ve Kept Busy

  1. The cake was too yummy, if you can believe it. I had to have another piece with my PM coffee, which ran my sugar up above the unacceptable zone. If the bride is not killing me with kindness she’s killing me with cake! I shall die happy, maybe even fat.

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