Caught Him!

I have had a couple of milking issues this week. My wonderful two quart plus a day milker  ( that’s great production from a ND) has been off on her milk.  One night there was none.  She actually looked like some one had snuck in and milked her.  Another day she was down. Last might she had about half the usual. Hmmm.

What gives? Her two doelings have been with her all along while Mr. Harper, her wether, has been with the buck in the next pen

Today whent I got home at 4:30PM I notice he was against the pen beside where she was standing. As  I ran over  she stepped forward with milk pouring out of one side of her udder. I looked at him and milk was dribbling out of his mouth. The little brat had managed to figure out how to nurse through the fence.

The hardware cloth goes up tomorrow!

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