It’s been a hot, dry day. Perfect growing weather for corn! DH was able to come home early and he got the lawn mowed once again. I have been working all day on a doll order.

Supper was going to incorporate leftover chicken and some spinach from the garden. Aha I thought …quesadillas! Mid afternoon I realized I din’t have any tortillas. No problem. I went on the ‘net and found out how to make them. Then I realized I didn’t have any fajita seasoning. Again I went on the ‘net and found one. Supper was delicious.  The filling was chicken, onions, red and green peppers and chopped spinach all sauted together with the seasoning. The homemade tortillas far surpassed the store bought in flavor.

3 thoughts on “Quesadilla

  1. Yum! I love homemade tortillas, too, although mine are rarely as flexible as the store ones (likely because I use so much whole wheat flour).

  2. I got a press for Christmas. I use it but it’s not a thousand times better than rolling them out — still quicker and takes up less space. I have to press each one at least twice to get it thin enough.

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