Christmas in July?

I can hardly keep up with harvest and haying in July!

But over at Kim’s place she is already making Christmas stockings.  She’s right on the ball, that girl, I’m impressed. She got me going on the 52 week challenge and although I am running to keep up and have missed some weeks this week is not one of them.

I was able to finish the last bit on my sweet Cyrena’s dress so I could get a picture and get her post.

Yes, her name is Cyrena.

It means enchanter and from the start she enchanted me. Her name came out of the blue and I love her to pieces.

She has been almost two weeks in the making in order to get her just right. I tried several different types of hair and this is the second dress she has had made for her.  The first wasn’t quite right.

But here she is…arms wide open waiting to be loved by a precious child.

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