A Wonderful Visit

Even though both DH and I were suffering from a long week of settling the affairs of his mother and lots of travel to get her settled into long term care we managed to pull off a wonderful weekend visit with Zach, Shanna and the kids.  Even though both Shanna and I were over the top tired we managed to talk until midnight after they arrived and also to put food on the table when it was needed for all the hungry mouths here. 

Zach and DH made a great campfire down behind the barn and they were undetered when they discovered that Erik had hosed it down prior to our lighting it off. I think he was excited to see that the hose was on and working.  The mosquitoes drove us inside but not before we enjoyed the wonderful antics of a 3 and 5 year old.

The men and boys attempted a game of Sorry.

The boys jumped and run and rolled and played.

Shanna showed me how to make pizza on the grill. And I showed her the wonders of my food saver.

All in all in was a great visit.

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