Moving House

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I have been absent here because DH and I are trying to settle MIL (aged 92) into a residential home closer to us and close up her mobile home that is over 3 hours away. It also may have to be moved! Early this week a friend and I left here at 6:30 AM and returned at 10:30PM and spent most of our time sorting and wrapping and boxing all the minutia of living a long life. What a huge undertaking and how thankful I was for the help and for the fact that my MIL was not a packrat or hoarder. It still left lots of dishes and knick-knacks and pictures and clothes etc. etc.
Tomorrow my DH will head down there and meet our son and they will load it all in the moving truck too come north. From there we will sort it out and move it on.
It makes one become very aware of how much stuff we really have and how much we actually need. I am resolved to clean out and clear out once again!

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