What a Wild Ride!

We are hoping to get off this “ride” soon as it has been exhausting for us. Doll making has been put on hold until the second week in September.  The garden has not been attended to as well as it should be. The creative meals, that happened all summer, have become simple, easy and hopefully nourishing ones.  The house has been upended with the addition of “stuff’ to sort and make decisions about.  The yard sale is Saturday and I anticipate much of the “stuff” finding it way to a happy home.   The miles and miles we have driven on MIL behalf should come to end soon and we can catch our breath, look at each and smile.  We’ll be able to say, “We did it!” No matter what we have to do, if we do it together it is all right.

The goats have enjoyed the commotion in the garage as we unpack and set up the tables for the yard sale.  They are a nosy bunch.  The two who are pregnant are progressing nicely as the time nears for delivery.

My sister has been a Godsend as she shows up each day to help and keep me both moving and resting appropriately. And being the” giggle sisters” we have laughed an awful lot!

Monday’s trip to Waterville should wind down travel that way for a long while and then we can relax with each other at home.

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