Beautiful September Sunday

What a gorgeous day!  The weather is just perfect.

Early this morning we disbudded the three bucklings. Both of us are glad to have that task done. The little girl will wait another couple of days so her hornbuds erupt enough to take care of them.  When I put them back with their mothers I opened the pen to the outside and they joined the rest of the herd for the day. All four are bouncing and running.

DH spent the rest of the morning cutting and stacking wood.

He is waiting to put the greenhouse cover on until the new greenhouse roof is done. That should happen this Wednesday or Thursday.  Abby is laying in the green house pen watching him work and biding her time. She is due in 29 days.  She looks tired!

I have processed the spaghetti sauce and continue to work on the dry beans.

Here’s All’s Grace known as Gracie. What a sweetheart. 

Meanwhile my two dolls hang out on the couch!

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