A “Spoiled Rotten” Day

DH gave me a spoiled rotten day yesterday as we took a long trip south and back again. He showered me with care and gifts and fun!  I enjoyed every second of the day and the heightened excitement as we neared our destination.  I have wanted a wood cook stove for a long time (I cooked on one back 32 years ago and loved it).  We also needed to replace our wood stove that we use for heating. I found one that would do both and we went to look at a used one that was only 150 or so miles away. It meant eating out and getting the tracfone I wanted and deciding about the stove.

Happily the stove was what we expected and the price was right.  He was ingenious enough to get it off the truck and into the barn with a pulley. He is cleaning it thoroughly and listing parts that need replacing. I am going to the Amish community tomorrow to see if I can get the pipe we need. He is hoping to have up and running in a weeks time. I am so excited!

2 thoughts on “A “Spoiled Rotten” Day

  1. Love the stove! I have wanted a wood cooking stove for almost 35 years (since my last one). But I will be happy with a heat stove that I can heat soups, etc, on. Stay warm this winter … it’s gonna be another doozy!

    • Seems we cooked on a wood stove about the same time…back when we were young…lol! I am thrilled and can’t wait to cook on it. He hopes to have time tonight or tomorrow to finish up the installation.

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