Ah…She’s Up and Running!

It was a cold and windy day yesterday.  When DH got home he determined to get the stove installation finished.  I was delighted.  We worked at it until suppertime and after supper we lit her off. Since this stove is new to us we knew it would take trial and error to have it work effortlessly and were certainly prepared to take the time to learn.

When DH got up at 2AM for a bathroom break he put a couple of pieces of wood in the stove and was happy to have coals to put this morning’s wood on.  The house heated up quickly and I cooked toast on the surface when I came in from chores…fast and easy.

Later in the morning I decided to initiate the oven and made bran muffins.  Not only did they cook evenly and well but they were delicious!









What a wonderful man I have in my life!

One thought on “Ah…She’s Up and Running!

  1. Wonerful, wonerful, wonerful! Can’t wait until MY stove (minus oven) is up and running! This weekend we start! Have to cut holes in walls, etc, as there has never been a wood stove there before. But, hey, it’s exciting! Glad you are warm and have a good oven!

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