You know how they say that the older you get the faster time flies? Well, I am here to tell you it’s true, it’s true! It seems that just yesterday we were planting our garden. Now there’s only carrots and parsnips still in the ground from the Spring planting. I have covered the fall garden with hoops and hope to harvest more spinach over the next few weeks.

Since we bought and installed the wood cook stove I have continuously cooked all our meals and lots of sweet stuff on and in it (except for the three days of 80 to 90 degree weather).  I am learning something everyday and finding out new and interesting ways to prepare yummy meals.  It makes delicious bread.  It produces perfect cookies. Soups are easy and taste great. I have no complaints and tell DH everyday how much I am enjoying this season of my life!

I am pacing myself at doll making to give my shoulder plenty of rest along the way. I am making at least two each month and sometimes more. I love the process and want to do it as long as possible. The tendonitis and accompanying pain in my shoulder has let up some with daily treatment. I have DH to thank for his thoughtfulness in this area. I am seriously deficient   in self-care.

The goats are producing well and we are in an easy routine with them. I have made ricotta this past week and love how it came out.  I am wanting 6 to 10 laying hens but we will make that decision in the spring.

Thrift shop finds have clothed me well for the winter so now I am only needing warm winter boots.

God has provided for all our needs.  I am thankful.

3 thoughts on “November

  1. Your lifestyle sounds healthy and very enjoyable. Did you always live in a farm type environment, or is this a change for you?

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