Winter Provision

My DH has wandered our acreage since the opening day. He has seen three does here and there. It has been warm as well.

This morning it was warm and we woke up late. DH said, “I guess I won’t go up.”  As is his custom he looked out the window. The does were out there.

He got the binoculars and thought he saw one with a rack.

“How quickly can you get dressed” was my question?

Dress and out the door he shot and then shot again.  He jumped into his truck and drove up to find a lovely eight point buck.

Venison for the winter!

2 thoughts on “Winter Provision

  1. Yea !Wish someone would come shoot the ones who keep popping out in front of my car.Last year we had a van but due to the price of gas and a few too many repair bills, we now have a new Elantra Touring. I guess the deers can’t see red.

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