Another Hectic Day

Made better by sharing the morning with my sweet love. We went to Machias to see his mother and pick up the venison. His mother was hospitalized for several days with double pneumonia. Needless to say at 93 the doctor is guardedly optimistic about her full recovery. She is back at the Center for a rehab stint of about a month and then they’ll see if she can go back into assisted living or not. She didn’t look good today and is now on oxygen to help with her breathing.  She was quite happy with Paul’s deer picture and we put it up for her.

Afterwards we headed to the deer cutter but stopped on the way for some Dunkin Donuts and coffee…a real treat.

I was pleased with the amount of meat we got and how it was cut up and packaged. I will probably can some of it to free up freezer space for the 1/2 pig that is coming in a couple of weeks.

Tonight we had fresh lettuce in our apple salad picked this afternoon. I am glad I planted a fall garden this year!


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