These Kittens Have a Story

A few years ago a feral mama cat took up residence in our barn every time she had kittens. She and the kittens would disappear in a few weeks. Then she would start the cycle again. This spring she had a litter again that didn’t disappear. One died when it knocked over a heavy object on itself. The other two hung around.  This fall she had another litter of three, identical to the last litter. Again one died and then the mother died. We took to feeding the smallest kittens goats milk as they had taken up residence in the garage next to the goat pen. They are still not tame enough to handle but if and when they get that way we will get them seen by a vet and fixed.  They should keep the mouse population down as did their mother before them. 

One thought on “These Kittens Have a Story

  1. We finally got our last female taken care of this fall — no more kittens for us! Our last batch was the dickens to tame down and find homes for! We have three cats now and they do a great job of mouse (and vole) patrol. But have you noticed? Most cats that I know of do NOT eat voles .. they just kill them!

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