Seasons in Life

It looks cold out there, originally uploaded by mabeane6.

Life is a series of seasons
My early adult years were spent learning to be a wife, learning to parent, attempting to cook, learning manage on little.

My middle years were spent starting to accept the creative part of me, continuing to parent both our and other people’s children, being involved in the farm. Watching the adding of many grandchildren.
Now both child free and farm free, I am learning to cook well, creating with freedom and learning something new everyday. I am enjoying being a wife to the most terrific man in the world. I have loved having raised bed gardens and milking goats.  I get excited when my kids and grandkids come my way.
Life is good.

This weeks creative learning was the new red beanie. I did and undid three times til I “got” it. Youtube was very helpful! I am am in awe that I am so late learning some of this interesting stuff. It gives me joy.

One thought on “Seasons in Life

  1. You have such a lovely outlook Jan. Sometimes I look back too much instead of just enjoying what I have in front of me. Thanks for the reminder. Congrats on learning how to make the beanie. It is very cute!

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