Rendering Lard and other Newly Learned Skills

Today was the day to take care of the leaf lard that was taking up space in the refrigerator. I had bookmarked some sites on line that talked about how to do it. I like “easy” the best and so when I saw one that used a crockpot I jumped in.  The hardest part was chopping up all the lard into small pieces to render down. After that I basically babysat the pot, stirring every hour for the first three hours and then checking it every half hour and finally pouring it through cheesecloth into the jars.

While babysitting the lard I cleaned the downstairs freezer, reorganized and listed everything that was in there. Because it was so cold outside I put all the freezer stuff in baskets and set it outside the kitchen door. That worked really well!

I also ground some pork and venison together and made a scrumptious meatloaf for our lunch.  I find the internet so helpful when “needing to know”.

3 thoughts on “Rendering Lard and other Newly Learned Skills

  1. If lard can look beautiful, this does! It looks clean and white. I haven’t done mine yet and I’m more inspired to do it now that I’ve seen your photo.

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