It Was Cold But That didn’t Stop Us!

This morning it was 8 degrees when we got up. However the day was planned and we went ahead with the projects we wanted to get done. I have been agitated with the hay setup in the doe area and hatched a plan to fix it. DH jumped right in and did most of the work executing the idea I had. I needed more hay available to them through the winter and I needed access to the water and feeders from the outside. We took the combipanel wire and bent it to form a hay holder inside the large pen that had access from three sides (a real plus)!  

He cleaned the screen room of all the sawdust and got it ready to add more wood. We thought the room would be empty long before now so we could refill it before the snow came.  However the weather has been mild so far and we have used less wood.

He also worked in the greenhouse finishing up there. There are two trees across the street yet to cut up. 

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