Tonight I made pizza, for the first time, in the wood cook stove.  I still have to master the timing to get the fire into beautiful coals and then push the oven temp with the small wood. I need to be more patient I think. Any way the pizza was tasty and I will certainly do it again next week. I make great pizza in the gas oven but the stone will not fit into my wood stove oven.  Always learning…

I went to Calais this morning and had a wonderful time. The springlike temps made the morning enjoyable and while I was gone my sweetheart made new hay feeder for the bucks and filled the does feeder as well. He also brought down browse for the goats.
I noticed Westie hanging on the fence again and since it is about 5 to 6 days since she was in with Halifax I brought her over for another conjugal visit. She stood again so I guess the earlier breeding didn’t take…(or maybe she just likes to visit Halifax!)

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