Trucks! Trucks!

Load #4 went out this morning. I am happy to see this. This money is earmarked for DH eye surgery next month and there is almost enough from the woods operation. 

We also had a bill owed to my daughter for work on our vehicles. Today we were able to pay that in hay and a check. Yippee.

My grandson came by to pick it up and he and I got the truck loaded and tied down.  From behind it looked like we were a bit tipsy when we put it on but hey…he’s never done it before and I am old to be doing this!  Our tying looked like a spider web so hopefully it will stay on for the 100 mile trip!

2 thoughts on “Trucks! Trucks!

  1. Hello Jan
    Its been a while since I commented here – have been keeping a check in my reader tho:)
    You are lucky you to have those resources to fall back on – just don’t use too many of them as you never know when you’ll need them. Oh of course now is the time when you do need them lol
    Lots of problems with Blogger so have just started a blog at WordPress. Very different but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
    Take care

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