The Day After

Well…loading hay is not for the faint of heart or the aging body! Today I have NO energy and am achy and tired (feeling crabby, ugh). I started two projects yesterday to try and weed out and declutter the files. I put everything on the table when Andrew came to fetch the hay. It is still in piles on the table only half done. Good thing the only pressure I have on this is from me!

DH is home sick today and he also has NO energy. He rests a lot easier than I do as we have opposite life approaches! He has stayed put and slept some as well as use the computer a bit. I , on the other hand, have tried to start this and that leaving myself with more of a mess. I also having a goat who is teasing me with signs of kidding. She is due, I think, in about 18 days but since she was in with the buck for a spell she could be earlier. I have been in and out watching her.

I just need to “cool my jets” and relax. Tomorrow is another day!

2 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been in that situation before. Starting projects and creating more of a mess. But things do turn around. I’m sure that once you feel better, you’ll be able to get all the things you want done.

  2. Call me next time you need to load hay. I don’t know if I can weave a web to tie it down as nicely as you did but I can load the truck! I really don’t mind.

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