Easy Walkin’

It has been difficult walking across the dooryard these last several days. The snow has been melting and we have had some rain.This turns into ice each night as the temps dip below freezing. The morning chores are exceptional hazardous while carrying water and the milking basket. I have lost my footing a couple of times and have had to creep across the yard. 

However this morning we woke up to snow that had fallen in the night. Not the heaps and heaps we usually get but enough to lay a path of white stuff that i could walk through easily without feat of slipping.

The birds are flocking to the feeders and suet since all their food is coated with sticky snow. The goats are choosing to stay inside.

It looks like winter in Maine today!

2 thoughts on “Easy Walkin’

  1. Don’t go out! Stay in. If I had this view I wouldn’t get anything done! I would just be sitting by the window watching from inside. These images are so beautiful! Just like from a beautiful book!

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