Late Winter Blues

I suffered from the “late winter blues” yesterday. I was cold most of the day. It didn’t occur to me to push the heat until afternoon. I am working on a new doll shoe and still haven’t got it where it needs to be. The goats are close to kidding and my patience is thin on that score. My daily friend is very sick. My daughter is having heart issues. Another daughter is both sick and having goat issues. My sister has been away for a week.I am having trouble adding any comment to my friends using blogr. And my husband’s workplace changes are chaotic!
This little one wanted to get out in the snow and she seems to have sneezing issues!  Poor dolly.

4 thoughts on “Late Winter Blues

  1. Hello Jan
    My Mother would have told me ‘theres no wonder she’s coughing and sneeezing, I should have known better than to let her out in that weather without a coat and hat and proper shoes on’ lol 🙂

    Its just not fair that so many other bloggers are talking about spring type weather and there you are stuck indoors with all that white stuff outside. I do hope all the other ‘problems’ are sorted soon and you get back to your normal cheery self

    Take care

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