The Rain Stopped

The garage floor is less flooded. The goats are coping. The worry knots in my forehead are lessening.
DH has made an enormous effort to remain calm and supportive in response to my distress.

He has also plunged ahead to repair some glitches with my car and impressed me with his skills. Kidding week (or 10 days) tends to be stressful and the upcoming eye surgery for DH has added to that as it means we are away for a full day either before, during or after the new babies arrive.
I have a wonderful husband who is hanging in there with me and not getting frustrated with my behavior. I can use all the help I can get!

2 thoughts on “The Rain Stopped

  1. You really do seem to have a load on your plate at the moment – full marks to a certain gentleman for lightening your load.
    I know you’ll pay him back in kindness when he has his surgery
    Take care

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