All In a Day’s Work

I have been in and out with this very pregnant goat. Long about noon she was put in the kidding pen but so far she had not done more that moan a bit. He daughter also due is in the pen next to her also doing some moaning but like her mother there not a sign of little babies …yet.

I busied myself here inside working on Caleb my newest. doll in progress. I listen to audible books while I sew and create and with him I have already gone through one and have started a second.

I am having trouble convincing this active boy not to try and do somersaults.

One thought on “All In a Day’s Work

  1. Oh my gosh! I have a photo of my baby brother when he was a toddler doing the same thing your little boy is doing! Precious! I love this photo!
    I’m stressed out about the goats. I hope they have their babies soon!

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