Back Here Again

We’ve been two days without internet connection.  It took the tech three hours to finally get it up and running but I am thankful. Living in a very rural area means my connectivity lets me be part of the world!

However without it many, many jobs around here get done! I am happy to report the goat pens are all mucked out from the winter’s deep bedding. Lots of debris here there and everywhere has been picked up and tossed. The snow is almost gone…almost a month early here.

Next job I have is racking the outside areas to collect the black gold for the compose pile.

Today is supposed to be another gorgeous day and the little goat kids love to be outside jumping and climbing!

3 thoughts on “Back Here Again

  1. It’s nice that they are strong enough to stand while eating. Most of my fosters spend most of feeding time on my lap because they are so weak by the time I get them. Standing to feed is a celebration time. They are cuties .. why don’t you put one in a box and send it to me? (Just kidding … but there WAS a gal here in MN that tried to do that with a puppy – she boxed it up and addressed it to her son in Florida – but was caught when the postmistress heard noises in the box!)

  2. These gals prefer to stand rather than being held. They spend all day with the herd and are only inside at night. I only need to show up in the pen during the day and Lightning runs right up to me!

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