Visitors Today

My sister and a new friend, Susan visited the farm and the doll shop today. We had a wonderful time watching the little baby goats romping around on their very springy legs. Susan came in to see the latest dolls I have in the works and was kind and complimentary. My sister was working on” from the toe up” socks and was a little goofy.

It was unusually hot today for our part of Maine hitting 84 degrees and tonight after 7PM it is still 72 degrees…in March (?)!

After lunch I settled down to a short movie because I was both hot and tired. With that bit of rest I was able to tackle Caleb’s socks and shoes and get him posted on Etsy, finally.

2 thoughts on “Visitors Today

  1. Those socks and shoes are awesome! Do you knit the socks? I love the felt shoes. I think, of all the stuff you do with your dolls, that the shoes and socks are the “awesomest” …..

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